Little Drummer Boy In Blue

from by The Bitter Poet



I remember a painting of a drummer boy, in full uniform of blue
A tiny kid, drum sticks ready, a blank face, is this really it?

I felt sorry for him, I felt bad for him
I hope he grew up and got happy, found out what he really wanted to do, like

Riding horses, going to the zoo
Skiing down mountains, swimming nude
Never wear a uniform again
Kissing beautiful girls

Kissing beautiful girls, kissing beautiful girls
Never wear a uniform again, kissing beautiful girls

I felt bad for him, stuck in that painting up on the wall of that museum
I hope he grew up and got happy, found out what living life is really about, like

Leaving home to chase his dreams
But waking up broken hearted not knowing what it means
Lost and drunk on a city street
Losing all of his friends

Living with mistakes, running out of food
Stealing money, scared of someone new
Never wear a uniform again
Kissing strange girls

Kissing strange girls, kissing strange girls
Never wear a uniform again, kissing strange girls

Cause one day he’s gonna meet her
And five years later he’s gonna put on a black tuxedo
And on a boat in the sun
He’s gonna look up and smile and see everyone

His face will be full, the sky will be blue
He’ll see her in gold light looking beautiful
Someone will ask and he’ll say yes
I found out what I really wanted to do, like

Running on the beach, flying through the trees
Doing a honeymoon in Costa Rica
Never wear a uniform again
Kissing one beautiful girl

They’ll be riding horses, going to the bug zoo
Walking up volcanoes, diving in lagoons
Never wear a uniform again
Kissing one beautiful girl

Kissing one beautiful girl, kissing one beautiful girl
Never gonna be alone again, kissing one beautiful girl

Well, I hope that happens, I hope he finds happiness
I hope someone paints a picture of him when it happens
I hope that picture hangs in a museum
where some sad kid can see him
I really hope all that happens


from Trail of Glitter, released May 6, 2016
The Bitter Poet: vocals, guitar
All words and music by The Bitter Poet (Secret Candy Music, ASCAP)
© & (P) 2015 The Bitter Poet

Recorded and mixed by Alex P. Wernquest, Basement Floods Records, Catskill, NY
Mastered by Jon Hildenstein at JLM Sound, Jersey City, NJ
Photos by Michael Alan Wells, NYC



all rights reserved


The Bitter Poet Brooklyn, New York

The Bitter Poet's anti-folk, indie-rock, musical storytelling is darkly humorous, intense, gritty. His songs are honest to a fault, yet over-the-top and grandiose in the style of Tom Waits or Nick Cave.
Musically, his straight-ahead rock chords and carnival-like lyrics blend humor, pathos and outrage. He has been described as “Lou Reed meets William Shatner” and “The Doors meet Jack Nicholson.”
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